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Tyler spent most of his childhood on the Kapiti coast, so the beach has always been his second home. Playing softball in summer and rugby in winter from the age of 5, like all young boys he worked hard at his aim to become an All Black. At the age of 11 Tyler and his family relocated to Hamilton to be closer to the extended family. 

Realising early on that school wasn’t for him, in 2003 Tyler seized the opportunity to do a building apprenticeship that gave him intensive one-on-one training and extensive experience. With his boss specialising in spec houses, he got to learn a wide variety of skills. Tyler had found his vocation and his passion: the combination of being hands on and building houses was a perfect fit. He loved seeing the finished product and developed a keen eye for detail. His passion grew with experience.

As soon as he had completed his apprenticeship in 2009, Tyler packed his bags and headed over the ditch, as many Kiwis do, with chasing the money and travelling experiences high on his agenda. After many years in high-rise construction he worked his way up to the role of supervisor, travelling widely on his weeks off. 

In 2015 Tyler and his partner knew it was time to move back to the Waikato to be nearer to family and start their own. To support his growing family Tyler started his own building company, The timing was perfect: word of mouth referrals and the building industry boom mean he has not looked back.

Tyler’s passion for building is very evident at every stage of a project. His strong work ethics and family values fuel his determination to provide an exceptional product and exceptional service. He has surrounded himself with a great team in whom he has absolute trust and has created a hard-working and enjoyable work culture. Communication has always been number one for Tyler and his team, which makes the building process both easy and enjoyable. 


Hohepa Monk

With a partner and a two-year-old son, For Hohepa, sports and family are the two majors outside work. He loves building: “It’s a fun and comfortable environment,” he says. “I thrive off new challenges and work even harder to achieve my goals. Tyler is easy to get along with and has a lot of experience in the industry to learn from.”

James Fenwick

A fully qualified builder with over 20 years’ building experience behind him, James spent several years overseas. For three of those he was building in London. “My mother owns a building company, so I have always been around building. I couldn’t really imagine doing anything else.” He has found his niche: “Tyler’s a great tradesman and a fair and nice boss”, he says

Levi Elliott

Levi’s in his element building, having found the ideal outlet for his hard work, focus and determination. “I’m enjoying the guidance of Tyler and his expertise in the building industry, he’s taught me many tricks of the trade.” Levi adds: “If you ever need a team of lads who produce high-quality work with some good banter you know where to find us!” 

Masters of Consistency and Quality.

Our Guarantee. Building your dream house shouldn’t be a nightmare and doing it right costs less than than doing it over!  At T.Wilson Builders we provide quality you deserve and dependability you can count on. As a Licensed Building Practitioner you can be assured that we take pride in creating results you can be proud of.  We offer a 10-year Halo Residential Guarantee and for your added security carry out our own quality assurance checks. 



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